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Pursuing your CDA? Learn through Real Classroom Situations

Inspiring, Empowering and Preparing Child Care Teachers through Scenario-Based Learning

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"After following through with each scenario, it was awesome to see why my choices were right from wrong. In my last class I learned what things I should have in my classroom and where to place the items."

Ana Koucouthakis

"This will help us in the classroom when we face similar situations, I really like the scenario-based format. I also liked that there was a step for every part of the portfolio content. It was easy to follow and comprehend and made creating the portfolio stress-free."

Stephanie Rickords

"I love learning through scenarios because you get to think about each option and learn why one response fits better than another one. I also love that I can do the training in more than one sitting throughout the week so if my son needs my attention I can come back to the training later."

Jamie Burch

What makes this training different?

This training program will give you practice through scenarios, support in creating content for your CDA Portfolio, preparation for the CDA Exam and verification visit. Most importantly, it will provide the confidence you've always wanted in your classroom.

You don't need to worry about taking tests, reading text books, watching boring videos or missing out on the fun moments in your life to sit in a classroom. You'll learn when you have time - day or night, and if you need a break you can pick up later right where you left off.

Through scenarios you'll begin to have mental experience dealing with familiar situations in your classroom, and you'll start implementing positive strategies for family engagement, keeping children safe, guidance and supporting creativity and SO MUCH MORE.  

You'll have 120 hours of training at your fingertips - all in an engaging, online format, covering all 8 CDA training topics for your CDA portfolio.

Live Coaching

We'll meet live online during each course so you can ask questions and get the support you need to be successful as you prepare for your CDA.

Each of the 8 modules features 6 weekly classes with 5 scenario-based training weeks and one CDA Portfolio development week.

You will have access to 2 one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Mary Wardlaw for mentoring and CDA support.  In addition to this, you'll also have access to a private Facebook community to share and learn from other educators.

CDA Certification

Once you’ve gone through all of the training and all of the activities, you’ll be ready to successfully apply for your CDA. In addition to the training, you’ll benefit from support in creating your CDA portfolio, preparing for your test and getting ready for your CDA verification visit.

Mary Wardlaw, CDA Trainer

Mary Wardlaw, founder of National CDA Training, is a Bachelor of Child Development, a Master of Business Administration, a certified CDA Professional Development Specialist and an approved Michigan Great Start to Quality Trainer.

She has been in the field of early childhood for over 25 years and owns The Children's Center, a child care center in Niles, MI (www.NilesKids.Com).

The Children's Center is a 4-star program and a certified Child Care Program of Excellence.


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