Training for Your Team

Choose how many seats you want on your CDA training license and pay a low monthly fee of $50 per seat. 

1 Seat License 

2 Seat License

3 Seat License

4 Seat License

5 Seat License

To request a license for additional seats, please email your request to Mary@NationalCDATraining, and I'll send a license link for your requested number of seats.

Everything needed to get CDA qualified!

  • Infant and Toddler OR Preschool CDA training
  • Step-by-Step CDA Portfolio Guidance
  • Preparation for the CDA test

Training for your team

Benefits of our Center Membership:

  • Our CDA Corporate Membership allows you to continuously have up to 5 staff members on the CDA training track. 
  • You choose who is on the plan, and the seat stays with you. 
  • If a staff member finishes the program, you can place another staff member in the seat. 
  • If a staff member drops out of the program or leaves your center, you can place a new staff member in the seat. 
  • The training seats stay with the program, creating an ongoing plan for getting new staff CDA-qualified!